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Tools I Use

I get a lot of questions about my tools and the business tools I use, so I decided to create a list.

As I add/remove things from my shop and explore different business tools for my blog, I’ll update this list.

Every craftsman have tools no matter their skill level. 

Some enjoy the top-of-the-line tools.

Others take pride in using only simple antique/vintage hand tools.

As the popular phrase goes “the skill is not within the tool, but within the craftsman” is very true.

However, many people believe the opposite. Regardless, every craftsman or DIY’er started with something simple. 

In fact, I started with a craftsman circular saw and a Ryobi miter saw I bought used for $75.00.  Both of these tools served me well for a long time.

Ultimately, I encourage you to buy tools as you need them.  Over time, your tool collection will grow and your own style will emerge.

These tools are by no means the #1 tools on the market.  Rather, they are simply tools I use and recommend.  

Additionally, I own more tools that are not in this list because I don’t recommend them. 

Ultimately, take all that with a grain of salt because I haven’t tried every tool out there.

Best Epoxy Resin Tools and Materials

It’s not hard to figure out I like to work with Epoxy Resin.  In turn, I decided all things epoxy resin related needed it’s own section.

Business Tools

The tools below help me run this website more efficiently.  In short, they are important to me and I use them multiple times per day.

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